Complaint Process

  • A Complaint of sexual misconduct can be filed with a Title IX Coordinator or any Title IX Liaison, the Dean of Students Office, RPI Public Safety, or any Responsible Employee.  All members of Student Life, Dean of Students Office, and the Department of Public Safety are equipped to assist and connect you with obtaining the emergency and support services you may need.  An Incident Report of Sexual Misconduct will be filed with the Department of Public, which is responsible for informing the Case Management Team and the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).
  • All reports to Rensselaer will be investigated and, if appropriate, resolved in a fair and impartial manner.  The Institute will review all reports and make an immediate assessment of any risk of harm to the Complainant or to the broader campus community and will take steps necessary to address those risks. These steps may include interim measures (as set forth in Section III.D, below) to provide for the safety of the Complainant and the campus community.  As set forth above, Rensselaer’s ability to investigate anonymous complaints may be limited.
  • Rensselaer seeks to resolve all Complaints within sixty (60) days of the initial Complaint. All time frames expressed in the Complaint procedures outlined in this Policy are meant as guidelines rather than rigid requirements. Circumstances may arise that require the extension of time frames, including extension beyond sixty (60) days. Such circumstances may include the complexity and scope of the allegations, the number of witnesses involved, the availability of the parties or witnesses, the effect of a concurrent criminal investigation, any intervening Institute break or holiday, or other unforeseen circumstances.  In the event that the process exceeds these time frames, Rensselaer will notify the Complainant and Respondent of the reason(s) for the delay and the expected adjustment in time frames. Best efforts will be made to complete the process in a timely manner by balancing principles of thoroughness and fundamental fairness with promptness.
  • It is a violation of Rensselaer policy to file a knowingly false or malicious Complaint of an alleged Sexual Misconduct Policy violation. Action against such conduct may be pursued using the procedure set forth in this Sexual Misconduct Policy.  A Complaint filed in good faith under this provision shall not constitute retaliation.