Complaint Procedures

Complaint and Investigation procedures have been adopted by the Institute to provide a prompt and equitable method for reporting, investigating, and resolving Complaints of alleged violations of the Institute’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.  If a Complaint involving an alleged Sexual Misconduct Policy violation includes alleged violations by faculty or staff of Rensselaer, the procedures set forth in Human Resources Policy #600.3, Sexual Harassment, will apply as to that (non-student) employee. 

Regardless of the outcome of the informal and/or formal Complaint process, the Case Management Team (comprised of a Title IX Coordinator, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Students, and Dean of Students) will consider and implement any appropriate non-disciplinary, administrative measures in response to the alleged conduct.  Such measures may include a mutual no-contact letter or other forms of remedial, community-based responses, such as educational initiatives and/or trainings.

Detailed information about the Student Complaint and Investigation Procedures can be found in Section III of Rensselaer's Student Sexual Misconduct Policy.